Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy week, but I'm back now

Number of new sisters-in-law: 2
Number of states visited: 6
Number of miles traveled: 1500
Number of hours in the car: countless

So I'm tired. And my ankles are huge.

But I'm happy. Being around family really lifted my spirits. They were so excited about the baby that I grew more and more excited with them. In Raleigh, I'm more just terrified. But they make me feel like I can do this, and that it will be good.

And it's awesome to have 2 new sisters-in-law. Jarrod and Amy and Jake and Lynn all seemed so happy. I hope their days were everything they hoped for. I know I loved my wedding day, and that it was my happiest day to date. I hope they look back on their big days in a year and smile.

No new baby news, except that Baby G is kicking up a storm. I'm starting to feel her movements cover bigger areas. I'm guessing this is just because she's bigger. I'm also wondering if she flipped around last night. Her movement was crazy then. And today her kicks have felt different, stronger.

OK...off to bed for me. Jason and I are carpooling again for the next couple of days, which means I'll be out of bed much earlier than I'd like. Plus I have busy days ahead preparing for a 30th birthday party I'm helping to throw!

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Sudiptya said...

You know, Sydney is a ~lovely~ name for a girl... :-)