Friday, June 5, 2015

Just one more day!

My baby's last day of kindergarten is Monday.  How did that even happen?

I am so relieved that summer break is right around the corner.  I think our family needs it.  Getting Bella to school every day is a struggle.  I'm stressed every morning about getting her to the bus on time, and Jason has to be home pretty darn early to get her from the bus stop.  Plus, I think Bella really doesn't care for school.  So woohoo!

Plus, summer means vacations are now possible again.  We've been so used to our schedules with our vacation time dictating when we can go where, but now it's all about the school schedule.  So in the next month we are visiting tons of grandparents, going to the beach, going to Ohio, and just all out rocking it.

This summer also marks the beginning of camps for Bells.  We'll see how she likes those.  She's doing 2 baking/cooking camps, 2 art camps, and 3 drama camps.  She tends to like all of that; so here's hoping she has tons of fun and that it's not stressful.

Oh, and our beloved babysitter Cailin is back from college.  So Jas and I get a weekly break/date night/whatevs.

We had Vieve's preschool parent/teacher conference recently, and Genevieve got checks for almost every category of skills.  One she missed?  Choosing her own work.  Apparently Miss Vieves likes to walk around and check what the other kids are doing and make sure they are doing their work correctly, and then to tattle if they are not.  Sounds so much like Vieves.

In other news, my BFF recently got engaged.  I am beyond excited to be her matron of honor.  We're going dress shopping for her this weekend.  I hate shopping, but I am so stoked.  And her beau is a great guy, and he's great with the kids; so we're thrilled he'll be a permanent fixture for us too :)

I'm so looking forward to the next few weeks.  I've missed people terribly.  This is the first year in many we haven't made it back to Ohio for Easter, and we're craving that time back home.  We're happy in NC, but I really think our favorite place on earth is probably Ohio.  It just feels like home.