Sunday, July 13, 2008

My secret obsession

OK. So it's not really a secret. I am completely obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. What most of you don't know is that I've been working my way through the first 3 seasons on DVD again. It's taken quite awhile, because I've been so busy, but I've almost finished. And this makes me sad. Because I don't own season 4 yet. I might have to remedy this situation though. Immediately.

Other news in my life... I got a phone call from Saudi Arabia this week. I think I probably cost my friend 7 trillion dollars just by answering the phone, but it was really nice to hear his voice.

Saudi Arabia is a place I plan to never visit. I'm fairly certain I would get shot within a week. Because I wouldn't think twice about jumping on an elevator with a man who isn't my husband. And wearing a headscarf would drive me nuts. And my friend almost got shot for taking a picture of a camel. So yeah, I'd have very little change of getting out of there unscathed.

Nothing much new on the pregnancy front. According to Jason, my belly's getting much bigger (thanks Babes, that's what I love hearing!) and it's misshaped based on where she's laying. And my belly looks like somebody's popping popcorn in there when she kicks a lot. I haven't had any appointments though since before I went out of town. I have 2 appts this week though. Friday's is another keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully she'll have gained a few more percentile points of growth.

So check back Friday afternoon if you want to see new ultrasound pix. Besides that, my life is boring as always :)

[Update: Immediately apparently means Sept 9. I didn't read closely enough. Season 4 is on Amazon for pre-orders. I have to wait 2 months!]

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