Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A few pictures, as promised

Belly Button
Gotta love that crooked smile.

No, I won't look at you Mom.  Quit trying to take my picture already.
About to laugh.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick Updates

Jason and I are toying with the idea of moving closer to work.  The commute for each of us is somewhere around 25 or 30 minutes when there's no traffic, but in traffic, it can take a long time.  Throw in a couple screaming kids and the commute can feel like a lifetime.  But we like our house, and we have a lot of good memories there.  So to move, we either need to find something that's just about perfect or is a super good deal.  To that end, we put a super low-ball offer in on a house.  (We offered 83% of the asking price...)  We haven't been outright rejected yet; so who knows, it might come through.

We took Annabella and Genevieve to see the movie Brave in the theater.  It's the first in-theater experience for either of them, and they did really well.  There were a few minutes here and there with talking, but no screaming (besides a couple minutes during the previews where Genevieve wasn't so sure about going into a dark, scary room).  They both ate a ton of popcorn, and seemed to have a really good time.  I think Bella was a little scared at the end though, because she faked having to go potty.  We struggle to get her to sit on the potty normally; so saying she had to go when she didn't is quite out of the ordinary.  I asked her if the movie was scary, and she said yes.  But she wanted to go back and see the rest.  I think she needed a little break is all.

I think I hurt Annabella's feelings this week.  It might be the first time that happened, and I felt absolutely terrible.  Jason was running out to get bagels for work for his birthday.  He woke me up before he left to see if I wanted something.  I assumed that he would know and remember that Annabella loved having a bagel the time I took her after her dentist appointment (notice that Jason wasn't there; so why would he really remember this?), and that he would think to get the girls some too (plus I was half asleep during our conversation, so it was all a  little foggy).  So while he was out, I told them that Daddy was out bringing bagels back for us.  So when he got home, Bella was super excited.  Jason had a panicked look on his face and said that I hadn't told him to get them anything; so he hadn't.  I told him to give the girls mine, but it was too late.  I could see her slump and she looked absolutely miserable.  She was over it after we picked her up from preschool that day; so I really hope we didn't scar her for life.

I think we have new pictures, but they're still on the camera.  I will try to get some up soon.  It's work time for me now though.