Thursday, January 14, 2016


Sometimes I just don't know what to say when I sit down to write these.  Today is one of those days.

We've been good, but pretty much the same.  

Bella's doing better with school.  She's got a couple more friends she talks about playing with, and she's making strides academically as well.  She's still not caught up, but she's not as far behind now either.  She's working hard, and we're super proud of her.

Genevieve is as strong-willed and stubborn as ever.  Her favorite tactic for getting something she wants is to just ask you over and over and over again until you break down and give it to her.  We've had to start saying things like, "If you ask one more time, the answer's going to be 'no' all day long".  Makes me feel old.  Today I heard myself say "Because I said so."  When did I get so old?

Jason's taken up rock climbing at a local gym.  He's afraid of heights; so I don't think this hobby will ever extend to anything beyond rock walls or whatnot, but it's great that he's found another outlet.  The vertigo and knee stuff has really slowed him down with soccer, and Jas really needs something active to keep him centered.

I'm pretty good.  Glad the holidays are over.  Feeling a little guilty I did so little for them.  I usually make calendars, but just didn't have enough pictures or time to do them this year.  Plus, with the temperatures staying as high as they were, it just didn't even feel like the holidays.

We have a new family that moved in next door, and they have an 8 year old little girl Bella and Vieves like to play with, which is awesome.  We were really bummed when the old neighbors left because the girls liked to play with their middle son, but they play with the new little girl even more.

Jason and I just met with a contractor about converting our basement into an in-law suite, and fixing some things with our backyard.  That's new and exciting, for us at least.  We've been going to a bunch of shows as well.  We're seeing Ragtime tonight.  Should be fun.

OK.  Back to work for me.