Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taking home baby outfit

Jason and I had to go to Babies R Us last week because I got a lovely email saying something like, "We're sorry, but we've discontinued every important item on your registry. Have a nice day!"

Sooo aggravating. I think Jason was about to lose his mind. But we survived re-registering.

And then we rewarded ourselves by picking out the outfit we'll take Baby G home in from the hospital.

The first thing we saw was this cute little purple thingie, but the neck opening wasn't very big, and Jason said he heard that new parents worry about ripping the baby's head off with stuff like that. So we kept looking. And Jason actually found the main part of the outfit. I think it's called a sleeping gown, but I don't really know the baby lingo very well yet.

So the "gown" opens real wide at the top, and doesn't have legs, just some sort of elastic thingie at the bottom. We bought her little socks and a little hat as well, since it might be cold out if it gets too late into October before she arrives.

So super fun times :)

Plus, I left the store still happily married, which wasn't the obvious outcome after explaining to my disgruntled husband all the reasons why we really did have to go back to the store to re-register, instead of just letting people try to get what they think we wanted but in a different color.


Sudiptya said...

Sadly, I won't be able to make the baby shower, but I did knock one item off your (old) registry!

Look for it in the mail. And remember, Sidney's a lovely name for a girl... :-)


Jason said...

We got it Sid, thanks! That was one of the things we thought they had discontinued, and we're ecstatic that you were able to find it!