Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Shower

Jason and I had our first baby shower. This one was thrown by my coworkers at work, and I was both surprised and grateful for their generosity.

Besides a whole bunch of cute little outfits, towels, wash cloths, and other baby supplies, they got us the Pack N Play, shown here.

Having stuff in our nursery is really helping my excitement level in general. It feels good to know that at least we have some of the stuff we need to care for a baby. Like maybe we can pull all this together.

We've also been getting all sorts of cute gifts from friends and family, many of them hand-made. We've gotten the cutest blankets and hats and such. Plus a bouncy seat and all sorts of other odds and ends. Super exciting.

And Jason and I were absolutely thrilled when the infant car seat was delivered to our house. It was completely unexpected, and very thoughtful of our friend who sent it all the way from Saudi Arabia. Well, the car seat didn't come from Saudi Arabia, but the order did. :)

So all in all we're feeling very blessed to have such thoughtful friends and family.

Oh, and so far I've sucked at sending thank you cards. They'll be coming soon. I really truly appreciate all the generosity people have shown us though, and will be sending out thank you notes as soon as I get back from our upcoming weekend travels.

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