Friday, June 27, 2008

Ultrasound 4

Today's ultrasound went really well. Baby G is still small, but she didn't lose any days between ultrasounds this time around (meaning she grew 3 weeks worth in 3 weeks time)! And she's now up to the 20th percentile in growth (as opposed to the 13th percentile from 3 weeks ago).

I don't have a ton of time to post, but here are the best pictures they gave us...

This is the top of Baby G's head, and you can see her hands and her finger bones pulled up towards her face.

This is a profile-ish shot. I think that's actually her face you can see on the right though.

They actually measured the blood flow through an artery in her head here. The graph below corresponds to the pumping of the blood, and you can sorta see the artery they were measuring through the line in the box they drew.

Baby G wasn't cooperating very much today. She was constantly moving. The scary thing is that I was barely feeling her move, but she was being super active. Meaning that she's really going nuts when I do feel her move. I think I've just learned to tune out the little movements at this point. This also means that we might have a super active baby. So she definitely takes after Jason in that regards. I slept all the time when I was a baby. But no, she couldn't take after me there. Had to inherit Jason's childhood energy levels, which from all the stories I've heard, was really really high.

Anyway, her face isn't really visible because she keeps moving and such, but you can see her arm pulled up around it, and her knee and leg pulled up to her torso.

And here you can see Baby G's face a little bit. Remember that the 3D scans cut off in funny places because it just captures the area they've specified. But again, you can see her arm wrapped around her face a little bit.

Most of the time all you could see was Baby G's arm completely blocking her face; so at least she moved a little bit for us. (The US tech totally had to poke at her to get her to move her arm even that much out of the way though.)

That's it for now. I have my normal checkup in an hour, but the US was the scary appointment. I'm so relieved she's growing more!

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