Friday, June 13, 2008

Life in general

I got a bunch of emails asking how I was outside of baby here's the update on everything else.

Jason and I are good. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 26th. How time flies!

The new house is a construction zone right now. We knocked out a closet to open up the living room and the kitchen, which turned out to be a ton of work (One of the walls was a supporting wall we had to move. Also running through the walls there: water, electricity, and sewer! The sewer alone took a couple weeks of effort from Jason to get right.)

Besides that, we're busily putting down hardwood floors on the entire main floor and up the stairs. We're going to hire somebody to paint the rooms and to sand and seal the floors for us, but besides that, it's been all us with some (ok, in some instances a whole lot) of help from friends. Fortunately, one of our friends is totally awesome at this stuff and totally teaches Jason how to do everything he doesn't know. So we're hugely indebted to him.

I've still got a little sister in the Big Brother/Big Sister thing, which is fun. I'm also in a couple prenatal exercise classes, one of which I love and one of which I don't so much love...

So I'm keeping busy.

I'll post pictures of the floors (and the construction zone) soon.

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