Monday, June 16, 2008

House pictures, as promised

This is a view of our breakfast nook, as it looked when we went on the walk-through when we bought the house. So all of that furniture and stuff is not ours. Notice the closet on the right, and the ugly striped wallpaper.

We've still got some work to do to finish it, but we opened up the room by removing that closet, which was a HUGE pain. It turns out that electricity, water, and sewer went through the walls of that closet. Oh, and it was a supporting wall. So we had to move all that. The ugly wallpaper is gone. We ripped out a stupid desk from beneath the glass cabinets. We're not sure yet whether we're going to add more cabinets in its place or remove the glass cabinets. Also, my house really is a construction zone right now. That's a miter saw on the left, and a table saw in the center. Sawdust is everywhere.

More ugly wallpaper that's now gone:

More of a construction zone. you can see in the back of the image the part of the dining room that's not yet done.

Jason, mid swing. There's red rosin paper that goes underneath the wood to help it slide into place and also to protect the wood from moisture. The pieces where Jason can use this tool go much much faster than the pieces that are close to walls. For those, Jason has to drill holes through the wood and then hammer nails through the holes. That entire process takes forever.

We've been putting the floors in for about 5 weeks. Taking out the closet and pulling up the carpet, staples, and linoleum took a few weeks on top of this; so we're probably rounding out 2 months of work right now.

Hopefully just 1 month or so to go!

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