Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My solemn vowel

Three years ago today, at this time, I remember being giddy with excitement. I was a little nervous about everything that had to be done, but I realized it was too late for all that, and I was finally able to relax and just be happy. I think my best girls and I were probably just arriving at the church to get our hair and makeup done. My dress was already there waiting for me. My big day had arrived, at last.

I remember laughing about how the makeup artist went completely overboard. (I told her we wanted the natural look, really!) I remember sitting there and eating Subway and thinking how sweet it was that a friend had gone out to get it for us and had even thought to bring back straws so we wouldn't ruin our makeup. I remember the photographer showing up, and my bridesmaids whispering to me how attractive he was. I remember him blushing when I told him they thought he was cute. But mainly I remember just soaking in the minutes, anxiously awaiting the hour my life would change.

I remember walking down the aisle and seeing Jason cry. I remember trying to really understand the words I was saying as I spoke them, but feeling it was all too fast. In sickness and in health? Yes. For better of worse? Yes. Till death do us part? Yes.

I remember the minister leading us up to the alter. I remember slipping the ring on Jason's finger, and repeating what the ring meant. I remember telling Jason that this was my solemn vowel. Oops! I remember flashing Jason a look of panic. I'd messed up!

And I remember the minister declaring us to be married, a few minutes later, my solemn vowel and all.

I loved that day.

It still ranks pretty high on my list of days. But not as high as I thought it would. As I stop and look around, and think about where we are now, and see my little girl running and squealing in excitement, and imagine our next little girl who's still on her way, I have to admit that today is pretty awesome too.

Three years ago today, we started a journey together. And it just keeps getting sweeter.

I love you Jason!


Sandra said...

I remember that day very well. My first born was getting married to a wonderful girl. I just read your blog and cried. I'm so happy to have you in the family, Amber. Happy Anniversary to both of you and many more. Love, Mom

Candace said...

Beautiful Amber! And happy anniversary!!!!!