Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Annabella picked up a new word at daycare last Monday, and it quickly became her favorite. Anything she wants to see/do/touch, she yells "MINE MINE MINE!!!". Jason and I are translating this into, "May I have that, please?" It definitely makes "MINE MINE MINE!!!" easier to hear. Heaven forbid we have to say no, because then her body immediately wilts into a giant screaming mess. The terrible twos will be fun, I can tell already. But at least Jason and I recognize her triggers. If she's hungry or sleepy, her mood deteriorates quickly. And there are some toys/objects that she freaks out over way more than others. So maybe we'll survive her second year?

Besides the little temper tantrums and the occasional screams of "MINE!!!", this weekend was pretty darn awesome. We bought a blow-up kiddie pool and played in it a couple times, which was way fun. Annabella was cautious at first, but now she seems to dig it. She'll even go over to where her pool toys are drying and pick them up and say "wa wa" (aka water). It's pretty cute. And I'm totally digging the kiddie pool as I think it'll be a fun way to spend time with her this summer while staying cool and not over-doing it, which is easy to do with this pregnant body.

Besides the pool, we drew pictures and went to cook outs and looked at chickens and just had a really nice time as a family. Oh, and Annabella has really started repeating words. She pointed to something and asked Jason what it was, and he said, "it's blah blah blah, actually". And she turned to him and said "ackshee". I got her to say it again this morning. So cute. Oh, and I finally got her to repeat Momma, and she even said it when I pointed to myself and asked who I was. This isn't the first time she's said Momma or anything, but she certainly saves it for the rare occasion (as opposed to Dada, which she babbles after Jason constantly.) So it was nice to hear her say Momma a few times this weekend.

Oh, and Jason is officially the favorite parent. My tenure in this role has come to an end. This has become increasingly clear the past week or two, but this weekend put the final nail in the coffin. I was playing with her, and we were having fun in the play room. She went to the door and signaled "all done". When I let her out, she ran to go up the stairs. When I asked her what she wanted upstairs, she said "Dada". Ouch. I have to admit I was tempted to let her run up and wake him up, even if it was his sleep in day. :)

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