Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank God for Kielbasa

I don't think I've kept it a secret that Annabella is small. We've pretty much constantly worried about her size. She looks and acts like she's healthy, but it's hard not to compare her size to other kids her age. And sometimes (ok, often) those other kids tower over her.

Well, before Easter, Jason was really hopeful that Annabella had finally hit the 20 pound mark. This is an especially important milestone because it means that we could turn her around to a forward-facing car seat. And there's just not a whole lot of room in either of our cars...so a forward-facing car seat would mean that my knees wouldn't have to be up against the dash whenever I sit in the front seat.

So one day he steps on a scale, then picks her up and steps back on and declares that the scale said 20.5 pounds. And we're hopeful. So I make her an appointment to get weighed at my work's health care office. She weighed 19lb 8oz. This was on the Wednesday before Easter, for those of you keeping track.

Then came Easter weekend. And she was spoiled rotten. She ate donuts and chocolate, and pretty much anything else the grandparents gave her. And on Easter day, Annabella discovered Kielbasa. And the Polish in her came out as she kept asking for more. When she was done eating she'd take a break and then signal she wanted more food and more Kielbasa. We would normally try to give her more variety and not let her eat so much of 1 food in a day, but we estimate that Annabella must have eaten close to a pound of Kielbasa that day! We couldn't believe it.

This past Thursday we had Annabella's 18-month checkup. At her 15-month checkup, she weight 18lb 14oz. So she'd only gained 10oz from her 15-month appointment all the way up to the Wednesday before Easter. Well, on Thursday, she weighed 20lb 5oz! 13 ounces in a week! You go girl! (Full disclosure: they weighed her with a diaper on for the first time, which probably helped her weight by 2 or 3 ounces. And it was a different type of scale between the 2 weigh-ins. But still!)

So her newest stats are: 20lb 5oz (4th percentile), 30inches (9th percentile), and 48th percentile for head circumference. So she's still my little, adorable bobble-head. But we're thrilled :)


Candace said...

YAY for Annabella!

Sugar Bear said...

I hear ya! Chelsea was 16.7 lbs and 27.5 inches at her 12 month. The weight is under the 10th percentile. At first I was worried she would be short like my mother-in-law but then I realized she was doing okay length wise and she eats like a champ and the doctor is happy so I stopped worrying! Shortly after we visited with one of the couples from our birth class. Their daugther is 2 weeks older than Chelsea and smaller in both height and weight! Maybe it is a girl thing? LOL