Monday, April 12, 2010

Daycare woes

Jason and I don't keep Annabella from falling. Of course we don't like it when she falls, but we figure that running around and falling down is part of learning. And if she can crawl up onto something, we figure she can learn how to get down. If she cries out for help, we'll help her...but we really don't want it to turn into a game where she climbs up a billion times just to have us help her down every time. And sometimes she falls pretty hard. Over Easter she fell into some cinder on the street going pretty darn fast.

So given all this, I really don't understand why she gets very few scratches and bruises at home but seems to come home with new boo boos daily after daycare. Right now, she's got a big bruise on her cheek, a bite mark on her shoulder, a bite mark on her wrist, scratches all over her knees, a scratch on her face, and a small bruise on her arm. Of all those, the small bruise on her arm is the only one she got at home (and it wasn't even from falling...Jas accidentally caught some of her skin when he was putting her high chair tray on).

I understand stuff happens. As much as it pains me, I understand that she's going to fall and get hurt. But lately it just seems like it's happening a whole lot, and not on our watch.

What I find especially troubling though is the bite marks. We got incident reports about 3 bite marks, one of which we never saw, one of which was pretty light, and one of which left a pretty nasty mark. None of these broke the skin. We did NOT get an incident report about the fourth bite we found on her shoulder, the one that clearly broke the skin. When we asked her teachers about it, they were puzzled, saying they didn't even remember Annabella crying like she'd been bitten. But the mark was clearly a bite (our pediatrician agreed).

And all of this has been in about the last 2 weeks. I about lost my mind because 3 of the bites happened over 2 days (by at least 2 different kids, although they won't tell us which kids.)

I have to believe that this is just an anomaly and that I need to be patient. We haven't really had these issues before, and some of this is probably due to the changing season and the short sleeves and shorts she's now wearing. And I need to keep a cool head. Annabella loves her classroom, her friends, and her teachers. I don't want to take that away from her.

But right now I mostly want to go scream at somebody.

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Sugar Bear said...

Amber! I think this is a glaring sign that you need to pull her out of there! Regardless of whether or not she likes her friends and teachers - the bite marks are extremely troubling. Bumps and bruises seem part of childhood but if she isn't bruising that easily at home and now coming home daily with all kinds of new ones - that to me seems like something is definitely off. And to come home with bite marks that are still visable all those hours later?! I've never heard of such a thing. Granted my daugthter is younger and we haven't gotten to this stage yet but she is in a home daycare with many different ages and I know none of them are biting or getting daily bruises - and these kids play hard. I've seen it. I know you didn't ask our opinion but since you posted this I'm going to give it to you - if I was in the same situation I would pull my daugther out of there right away. Something is off and your mother's intuition is obviously on high alert. Don't ignore it.