Friday, January 29, 2010


I saw my baby's heartbeat yesterday! So exciting.

We called Annabella Baby G. I'm thinking I'll call this baby BG2, at least until we finally come up with a name.

Besides seeing the heartbeat, my first baby appointment was refreshingly simple. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, because it was one thing after another with my first pregnancy. And yes, I'm not nearly far enough along to see a lot of the problems that could lie ahead, it was still nice to have an appointment that showed that I have one baby who's heart is beating, right on schedule.

And yes, I do mean one baby. The doctor verified that I will not be having twins. So yay! Not that I had any reason to believe that twins were a possibility, but still. One baby was hard. One baby with a toddler I imagine will be much harder. Two babies with a toddler...well, I don't even want to go there. And now I know I don't have to.

Besides that, Annabella has been sick with RSV, which is really just a bad cold. She's been miserable and grouchy, but I think she's coming out of it. Cross your fingers that Jas and I don't get it.

Jason most likely has torn his ACL the rest of the way through and will need reconstructive surgery on his knee. He's getting an MRI this week to confirm and to see what other damage is in his knee, but the test the doctor did for a torn ACL is there's little reason to think he could have been mistaken. That will be tough, and Jason is not happy about it. Not that I can blame him. If you know my husband well, you know he's kind of a wuss when it comes to things like blood and such. Plus the rehab from this surgery is pretty intense. If all goes well though, he could be rid of the knee problems he's been battling for the last 8 years.

Annabella turned 16 months old yesterday, which is kind of a scary time for me. I was in a pretty horrific car accident when I was 16 months old; so I'm holding my breath waiting for her to make it to 17 months. I know that this is not really rational, that there's no reason to really believe that she's in more danger this month than any other. And yet it doesn't matter. 17 months can't come soon enough.

Time to run. Gotta get home!

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