Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Molars, Oh My!

Annabella is seriously teething right now. She's got 1 full molar in, another one almost completely in, one about half-way in, and one just pushing against her gums with little spikes pushing out. And for the most part, she's handling it like a champ. We've had a couple rough patches with the sleep and such, but really, after stories I've heard and nights we've had with ear infections, it's so much better than I expected.

What else is new with Annabella? Well, just about everything. Everyday it seems she's learned something new, and everyday we get a new glimpse of her personality. I'm a little afraid that she's going to be a wild one. It's not really that she's more that she runs instead of walks, climbs everything in sight, and has quite the stubborn streak.

Her newest thing that I'm just loving is she'll just walk around and then suddenly burst into giggles. I don't know what it is that's cracking her up, but I know it's her giggles that are cracking me up. So much fun.

And last night I hid behind a book. I'd peak my eyes out to see her and then gasp and yank my head back behind the book. Annabella was laughing so hard she cried.

We had her 15 month checkup yesterday, and it went well. The doctor assuaged my fears about her small size, better convinced me that she's doing just fine and might just be tiny. What really made me feel better though was her height measurement, which at just over 29" put her at the 15th percentile. This is quite the improvement from last time where she was stuck at the 5th percentile. So yes, I might end up with the only 2 year old I know who still is required by law to ride in a rear-facing carseat, but at least she is growing well in height, even if her weight leaves something to be desired. And hey, at 15th percentile height, her 50th percentile head doesn't look as big!

I know I haven't updated this very frequently, but it's because I've been busy at work. Which if you've heard me talk about my job, you know that being busy at work is quite an exciting thing for me. I'll try to remember to post though even if this busy streak continues.

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