Thursday, August 27, 2009

Proud Momma

This week's been a big week for us. Annabella shows us what a big girl she's becoming every day. She plays more, and she's learning new skills. Yesterday, she stood up in the middle of the room without pulling up on anything for the first time. And then she did it over and over again. And today was the first time we saw her put food in her mouth and eat. She ate puff after puff, crunching away. And my heart just swells.

We're also breaking Annabella of her paci this week. We just had the 2 pacifiers; we couldn't find anymore like them. And those 2 have started to degrade. The rubber on the sides are pulling loose, and I'm afraid she might be able to pull some rubber off and swallow or choke on it. I can't say the transition has been smooth, but it's getting better. Last week, before we yanked the paci, Annabella went to sleep 3 times at night without crying at all. I just put her in her crib and she rolled over to her stomache, pulled her legs under her butt, and settled down to sleep. With how much of a struggle we've had getting her to sleep, I can't tell you what an accomplishment it is for her to learn to go to sleep on her own. I'm hoping we get back to that place soon without the paci.

How can anyone not just love that face?

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