Monday, June 6, 2011

My girls

Genevieve's super mobile and is pulling up to a stand. She's not exactly crawling, more like doing this bear walk. Oh, and she's giving zerberts! So cute! And she has her first tooth. My little baby's growing up, and I'm so proud of her.

Pretty much every time I take Genevieve to the store, I'll feel her nuzzle into my shoulder, and then 10 seconds later somebody comes up to me to tell me that she's just smiling away at them. And then they say, "And she's got dimples!" Each time the person talking to me is so surprised that Genevieve is so smiley and happy. She loves people though, especially when she's safely in Momma's arms.

Annabella is getting so big. We took her to the pool yesterday, and she was able to walk all around the kiddie pool without help. Last year she would have drowned had we not been there to help her. She's still pretty entrenched in the terrible twos, but I can see little signs that she's coming out of them. She's still my snuggle bear, and she gives the best hugs and kisses.

Annabella might be giving up her daily nap though. I don't think she took one either day this weekend. She was still in her crib at nap time, but we don't think she slept at all. Then she was of course super grouchy by the end of the day. And whoo boy was she in a mood this morning! But she'll still get nap time at daycare; so hopefully that will help her catch up on sleep.

I will try to update with some videos and pictures soon. The last few months have been pretty rough for me personally, and I've also been extra super busy at work. But I know that I've been neglecting the blog. So I will try to do better.

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