Monday, March 28, 2011

Tubes for G

We took Genevieve to the ENT today. She's had 4 ear infections since Jan 23, and even though today is her 7th day on antibiotics, her ear still has puss in it.

So she will be getting tubes put in her ears on Wednesday.

I'm not as frightened as I was with Annabella. I know the tubes for Annabella were little miracles for us and that she's been much healthier and happier since she got them (not to mention she can actually hear now.) So I think having been through it once before is making it easier.

But still... I'm really not looking forward to leaving my tiny baby behind for her first surgery. I'm guessing it would be more traumatic to actually be in the room with her, but I really wish they would just let me go in to hold her hand through it all.

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Candace said...

good luck to baby G and you guys!!!!