Monday, January 17, 2011

Buttered Toast

Toast Story #1:
Annabella loves this song, Fire Truck by Ivan Ulz. She sings it all the time. "Fire truck, fire truck, I want to ride in a fire truck!" So cute.

Well today, she asked for toast for breakfast. After the bread finished toasting, she asked "Butter?". So I assured her that yes, I was putting butter on her toast and bringing her buttered toast. So she started singing "Buttered toast, buttered toast, I want to ride in a buttered toast!".

Besides being all sorts of adorable, I'm really excited to see her starting to play around with songs and mixing up words.


Toast Story #2:
About a month ago I was trying to get Annabella to eat a snack. I knew she was hungry, but I couldn't get her to agree to anything. I know that seriously buttered toast is one of her favorites, so I asked her over and over again if she wanted toast.

Mommy: Annabella, do you want some toast?
Annabella: No toast! No toast!
M: You sure?
M: OK, you don't have to eat toast. What about (any other appropriate option)?
A: No.

5 minutes later:
M: You want some toast sweetie?
A: No toast, no toast!
M: (Still racking my brain, what can I get her to eat).

3 minutes later:
M: How about some toast?
A: No toast, no toast!
M: Well, I'm going to make you some toast anyway. You don't have to eat it though.
A: No toast, no toast!

2 minutes later:
A: (Trying to get Mommy to come do something)
M: Sorry sweetie, Mommy's busy buttering your toast.
A: No toast. No toast. NO TOAST!
M: (Walking toast to Annabella at the table)
M: (Sets toast in front of Annabella at the table).
A: (Looks at toast, tilts her head to the side, and smiles).

And with that, she ate up all her toast.