Monday, August 16, 2010

Close call

2 posts in one day! Crazy, I know.

So I almost got hit by a truck this weekend. It was a little bit terrifying, and also rage-inducing.

I was walking out of a store in a parking lot. A truck was driving up his lane, and I was in the fire lane. The fire lane at this store is pretty big, giving shoppers lots of room to walk and such. I wasn't paying super close attention to him and kept walking, staying in the fire lane but walking towards his lane. I had no indication anything was wrong until Jason yelled "Amber". I stopped moving and looked back at him to see what the problem was. He said something about the truck and I turned back in time to see his wheel come within a few inches of my foot. He would have hit me if Jason hadn't seen that he was cutting over and yelled for me to stop.

I wish I would have had more nerve at the time to say something to him. He jumped out of his truck and nonchalantly went up to the Redbox, completely oblivious that he'd put me in danger. But I was too shaken at the time, of course blaming myself.

Looking back though, I really don't think this was my fault, even if my head was in the clouds. I mean
  1. I was in a parking lot for crying out loud.
  2. I was there at a peak time for customers, and there were people everywhere.
  3. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way (a lesson I somewhat painfully learned while taking my first driving test...)
  4. I was in fire lane, one that he really had no business driving in in the first place.
  5. I was not moving quickly. In face, I was very slowly waddling along.
  6. I'm pretty easy to see. After all, an 8 months pregnant woman slowly shuffling along is hard to miss.
So after I got home and was still pretty shaken up, I wished that I'd at least yelled at him a little. Told him to watch where he was going or something. Stood up for myself in some way. But I didn't. I don't know that it would have helped, but maybe I wouldn't still be a little freaked out if I had.

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