Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I can't believe 2012 is here already.  And not only that, but today is my, ahem, 29th birthday.  

I'm hoping it's a lasting phase, but I'm camera happy again.  I think I've gotten better, and I'm at least somewhat happy with a bunch of the shots I've gotten of the girls recently.  

This first one has G's face slightly out of focus if you zoom in, but I think she looks adorable anyway.

I think this one captures A's sweetness.

Neither of these pictures have been edited at all.  These are the original JPEGs that came out of the camera. My recent frustration with my pictures is really that I'm not good at post-processing them.  I see the shots that our professional photographer friend has taken, and they are awesome.  And I know that some of that is  due to his mad photoshop skills.  He manages to make the skin tones look right while making the other colors pop and everything look crisp in a way I love.  I honestly think that some of my recent pictures have a lot of potential.  So I've signed up for a photoshop class.  I'm excited for it.

Hopefully this will mean I do a better job posting pictures to the blog as well :)

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