Monday, April 18, 2011

We're ok

I guess the tornadoes this past weekend were relatively close to us, one even touching down in downtown Raleigh. But we were blissfully unaware of any danger and went on with our lives like nothing was happening. There was some pretty intense hail, and the storm was loud enough to wake the kids up from their naps. But that was all the drama we saw.

Hopefully next time it storms like that one of us will realize that we should turn on the stupid radio to make sure we don't need to head down to the basement. Parents of the year here.


Sandy said...

We are sooo thankful you guys are okay. I didn't know that there was trouble brewing by you until Aunt Jo called to ask if you guys were okay. Then I freaked!

Anonymous said...

Very glad you made it through unscathed! - Sara