Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update and Pictures

So far this baby has been very different personality wise than Annabella.  She doesn't really want to sleep at all and has instead been constantly feeding.  She is very awake and aware, lifting and moving her head around and searching for nipples.

Yesterday afternoon amber had postpartum hemorrhaging and lost around a liter of blood.  They have given her some meds and the bleeding seems to be under control now.  Her blood cell count is a bit low, but borderline for needing a transfusion so the docs have so far decided against it.  Besides feeling tired and occasionally lightheaded she is doing really well.

As promised, here are some pictures of our beautiful new daughter from yesterday.


Corrie said...

She's beautiful. I hope Amber is ok. I will call in a few days once things settle down a bit. I miss you all and am SO excited for the new Garcowski addition.

XoXo - Cor

Candace said...

She's beautiful! Can't wait to hear the name!!! And I'm glad to hear baby and Amber are both doing okay!!!

Love you guys!

Seda said...

So happy for you guys! You have another super beautiful daughter, we can't wait to meet her! Hope everyone is doing well..

Shwebb said...

Whatta beautiful little (big!) baby! I can just imagine what her voice might sound like; it would be a big, booming voice: "WHERE ARE THE NIPPLES? I'm HUNGRY, HERE! NOM! NOM! NOMMMM!

BTW, Amber--it's not a "lazy uterus." It's just a bit laid back. Don't let them say not-nice things about your organs. Remember, beauty is on the inside. (I've been told by a few ultrasound techs that I have "beautiful ovaries."Yes, indeed. My gallbladder started looking a bit old and wrinkly, though--so it just HAD to come out.)