Thursday, September 10, 2009

The great Facebook experiment.

So I'm trying my hand at Facebook, and I honestly don't think I care for it. Sure, I found a few friends from my past. And yes, it was kind of neat to find out what's happened with them.

But it feels kind of icky. I feel like Facebook is an internet stalker's dream come true. And I felt like a stalker friending some of these people. And I feel like a stalker leaving messages on their walls or IMing them. Rationally I know that if any of these people left me messages I'd be super pumped, but doing it the other way feels wrong.

So we'll see.

Plus, I accidentally friended someone from high school who I thought was somebody else. The guy I actually friended was a guy who made me super unconfortable in high school. I have some memory of him totally invading my personal space in a way that was uninvited and uncomfortable. So I unfriended him. Which made me feel like a tool.

Clearly I have a few things to learn if I'm to continue my journey into the land of Facebook.


Sid said...

Unfriend him. There's totally no record of it.

And I, for one, appreciate you having an account. It's nice, and I hope you'll upload pics of the little one 'n stuff.

Lynn said...

I don't think you need to declare Facebook a failure if you don't use it as much as other people. If you don't want to share information, cut back your profile or limit who can see it. Even if you only use it to check on your (actual) friends' updated contact info, I think Facebook can have some utility for you.